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Abroncs Kereskedőház Kft - Login for changing tyres
Available only for fleetpartners with contract!

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Please type in the license plate number of the car you wish to register (e.g. ABC-123) and the e-mail address that we can use to confirm your mail. Login available only for those e-mail addresses that exist.

After choosing and finalizing the adequate date and time, the login is ready and is shown in our system.

You are able to login only if your tyres are guarded in one of our seats and all the tyres are in adeqaute condition.

We inform you on the next page if the conditions are not met. In this case call our fleet-coordinators on phone: 371-3350.

Errors and inaccurancy may occur in Internet conenction or in the database. In this case we may not create your registration due to these errors, although you may receive a verification mail. We try our best to eliminate these errors, but we cannot take the responsibility for the consequences and we are not able to make amends for them.

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